See the Beauty in Everything

Thought this would be a fun little backstory for #ThrowbackThursday….

I started documenting this newfound venture of mine about a year ago through Instagram before blogging and having an actual site was ever an idea to me. I had been on Instagram before it was ever a social media platform and more of a picture editing app, ha! Definitely did some fine tuning to my account (which included lots of different @handles LOL), but I must say, this was one of my first and most favorite posts. At the time, Tumblr was my ‘blog’ so to speak and here’s what I shared:

throwback thursday8_1 throwback thursday4

See the Beauty in Everything

Behind our house we have all these sad, dead trees, but for some reason I see beauty in them. I think to myself ‘this would totally be something you would see at a McQueen show with models dressed in nature walking down the runway…’

Nature has given us this beauty that we pass everyday taking it for granted. I snapped some shots and took a little time to myself to think of all the creativity that surrounds us.

.throwback thursday2

throwback thursday3 throwback thursday5throwback-thursday7 McQueen

And literally 3 weeks later, the city chopped all the trees down. I was like, REALLY?!  Probably my favorite thing about this entire post is that I had never even heard or seen this quote from McQueen before until (what would have been his 46th) birthday just a couple of weeks ago, yet I felt the same way; So in tune. Maybe it’s just me, but makes me smile every time.

See the Beauty in Everything