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Spring to Summer: Basic Transition

Today I’m picking my top 5 essentials you’ll definitely be reaching for in the coming months!

1. White Denim
I have been living in my white distressed jeans and absolutely loveee them! I promise you, you’ll be happy you invested in a pair because they literally go with everything and give you that refreshed feeling.

2. Espadrilles
Up until the other day, I’ve been completely mispronouncing these shoes, but everyone seems to know what I’m taking about, LOL! These shoes have been a major must-have this summer and are an automatic go-to for that easy answer.

3. Over-sized fedora
Lighten up and opt for a wide brimmed hat to keep you looking stylish and out of the heat. I just recently got this one and love this one. Can you ever really have too many hats?!

4. Mirrored Aviators
If you haven’t noticed by now, I can’t live without my aviators. The mirrored are fun for summer and hello! a built in mirror! LOL, but really, the colors are endless.

5. Cutoffs
It’s true you guys, I have a MAJ obsession with shoes, but my denim obsession is almost up there with it. Seriously-it’s real. ha! When it comes to shorts, no questions asked I’m living in them come summer 100 degree weather. Totally love my vintage pair of levis and the looser fit.

Have a favorite? Shout out below to share what your must-have summer essential is :). Hope you’re all having a great week!