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Love-Hate: Dresses

Not quite sure why, but I’ve had a love-hate relationship with dresses for years now. I love how easy it is to throw one on and you’re dressed, how girly it can make you feel, or best of all: how dressy it makes you. All this love, but theres still that something. This summer, I’ve decided to branch out, and go beyond my comfort zone to evolve my style and maybe even pin point “why such a love-hate?“.

On the hunt, I began thinking of the best places to wear a dress. The beach? A night out? Work & Play? All of the above! Here are some favorite finds sure to keep you looking and feeling cool over the summer months…




Keep in mind, dresses instantly dress up your style, so depending on your mood you can throw in a sporty vibe like this white sneaker to soften up your look & keep it chill. Now, time to dress up! Xx