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How To: Look Expensive For Less

Hi Guys! So excited to be back working on the blog and sharing what I’ve been up to! January has been filled with lots of planning and, like most all of us, writing out our goals for 2017; don’t worry, I won’t bore you with my 7 pages. An exciting new year starts new trends, therefore I’m mixing it up a bit on the blog in a new ‘How-To’ series.

Today’s How-To is how to look expensive for less. We all know, when you look good you feel good, and you can do that with just a few basic pieces in your closet. Yes! With pieces you already have!!!

Today, I’m pairing this black bell sleeve Madewell turtleneck with the Madewell “nine inch high-riser skinny skinny” denim. LOL, say that three times.

Having reliable basics is a must for any wardrobe!

Here are a few ways to elevate your basics…

  • Accessorize: These olive tassel earrings are the ultimate grab in my jewelry box right now. The bolder the better with your basics to make that statement, girl! I paired this gold brass cuff over the sleeve with the matching brass ring. A clean black turtleneck is exactly what I wanted to show this gorgeous horn pendant necklace. Love the contrasting color.
  • Repetition: This is something I do in a lot of  my outfits, and something I’ve learned over the years. I love playing off existing elements in an outfit. The tassel earrings pair perfectly with the tassel bag.
  • Tuck it: Tuck your blouse to give your outfit a completely different look. Here, I wanted to accentuate the high rise of the denim, tucking the sweater all the way around. You can also do a half-tuck or a side-tuck dependent on the blouse and/or outfit.

Whew! Lot’s happening and we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for next weeks ‘How-To’ series and stick around, check out some of the newbies on the site or say hi below. Xx

Photo credit: Todd White


Love-Hate: Dresses

Not quite sure why, but I’ve had a love-hate relationship with dresses for years now. I love how easy it is to throw one on and you’re dressed, how girly it can make you feel, or best of all: how dressy it makes you. All this love, but theres still that something. This summer, I’ve decided to branch out, and go beyond my comfort zone to evolve my style and maybe even pin point “why such a love-hate?“.

On the hunt, I began thinking of the best places to wear a dress. The beach? A night out? Work & Play? All of the above! Here are some favorite finds sure to keep you looking and feeling cool over the summer months…




Keep in mind, dresses instantly dress up your style, so depending on your mood you can throw in a sporty vibe like this white sneaker to soften up your look & keep it chill. Now, time to dress up! Xx