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Investment Piece: Leather Jacket

I finally found the perfect leather moto jacket! I got it at one of my favorites- ZARA! I’m not sure if i got super spoiled by walking into the brand new Houston Zara – which happens to be double the size of the one here in Austin, but it was uh-mazing. The guys section was almost as big as the women’s and the kids section had it own legit entrance. *cut to ginormous eye roll* Luckily for me, I was Christmas shopping and didn’t want to spurge on myself but… I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun there was to be had! I pointed out this jacket to my sister as we were walking out and swooned over how gorgeous it was knowing it would probably never go on sale.

IMG_2436 IMG_2460 IMG_2412 IMG_2401 IMG_2391 IMG_2430 IMG_2431

Jeans: Topshop || Top: Gap || Jacket: Zara (similar here) || Shoes: Forever 21 (super similar here) || Sunnies: Ray-ban


I wanted to go back SO bad before heading back to Austin because I really did not want to wait until the next time I would be in Houston. Time flew and as heartbroken I was, I just couldn’t find the time to fit it back into my schedule. Days later I’m back in Austin and find out they were having a sale–say whaaaaat! Talk about music to my ears!  I instantly hop online only to find out the jacket was indeed on sale but sold out. Whatever, a mission was to be accomplished so I set up a shopping date with my bestie to stake out what was left at our Zara. Talk about picked over and unimpressed. Total bummer!!! I mean, like I mentioned earlier, it’s one of my faves and after all that, I was ready to shop!
After making two rounds I end up with a sweater and a line filing out the door. I decided to sneak over to the men’s section and check out with only three people in front of me (now, that’s more like it!) – as I stand there I notice the girl in front of me kicking along her return box in line. I patiently wait my turn only to do a double take as I watch the sales associate pull out her return item, which was THE jacket! Like, really??!! And my size? Girl, staapphhh. If that’s not meant to be then I don’t know what is. Needless to say, I walked out of Zara with a mission accomplished.


Although this beaute is sold out online I narrowed down a few of my faves that won’t break the bank. Check it out…

The two main things I look for when investing in a piece like this is the quality and the details. The fact that this is leather means I’ll have it for a lifetime and will be able to wear it season after season. Details are a huge thing for me and this jacket had it all from the detailed shoulders, the zippers on the sleeves and removable belt at the waist. Stay focused on what you’re looking for and don’t settle because it is well worth the wait. Xx