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Beauty Favorites

Lately I’ve been having a thing with all my beauty products — in a good way! I love trying new products and finding what works. Sephora is my absolute go-to for beauty because I can always find what I need and everyone there is so sweet to help and give you insight on what would work best for you; Plus they give you legit samples and who doesn’t love that?! A few weeks ago I tried out a new face cleanser and it just did not work for me. My skin had an allergic reaction to it, so after a trip to Sephora to return it – which by the way,  another reason I LOVE Sephora is because they let you return pretty much ANYTHING – I walked out with a few newbies and eager to try everything.

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite beauty products I’ve been loving lately…

Favorite Beauty

Walked into Sephora this weekend and of course, I needed EVERYTHING! Gah, I forget how much I absolutely love that place until I step foot in the door. It’s dangerous. All good though because I did pick up some Christmas presents while I was there so I didn’t feel too guilty restocking on a few of my must-haves.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite face makeup and what caught my eye this weekend…take a look…


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a fresh face.

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the perfect mani.

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smell good, feel good.