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My Experience at Le Garage Sale

When one of my friends asked me last week if I was going to Le Garage Sale, I kind of started at her with confusion for a second wondering why I was just finding out LOL! Best believe I immediate went and signed up on their email list! If you’re not sure what the heck Le Garage Sale is let me fill you in on one of my favorite events in Austin.This isn’t your typical ‘ones man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ garage sale, dozens of local shops and boutiques set up shop and mark down prices insanely cheap making it impossible to say “no” to.

This is my third time attending and after having done a few, I felt the need to really share the inside scoop. I’ll never forget the first time I went, me and one of my good friends got there early and waited in line anticipating what it was going to be like and the very first booth was By George. Women were in there grabbing Givenchy boots for a quarter of the price. Say whaaaat! Every year I go, I try to find one special piece that I know I’ll have in my wardrobe for-ev-er! The first time I bough a $475 angora sweater for $75, and the second time I bought an edgy black romper from on of my favorite boutiques, Southern Hippie for $60! This time however, one of my besties and I hit the jackpot and just so happen to be at the right place at the right time. UAL was having “fill-a-bag” for $10! Anything you could fit in this bag was yours, and let me just tell you I came out on top. I think my favorite grab was a pair of white Current/Elliot jeans. They’re a little snug (and I’m so mad at myself for not grabbing the next size up!) but gives me incentive to start working on this booty, ha! I also grabbed tons of basic tops that can be paired with anything and everything and can we every have enough basics?! Didn’t think so!

Here are 3 pointers for your next Le Garage Sale…

1.) Make a list! The biggest thing for me at events like this is to have a list of everything I want or am looking for so I don’t get distracted (which can be easy to do!).
2.) Think ahead. You might find a lot of cute summer items but with fall just around the corner, make sure you can wear it in the next 6 months. No one wants to look back in a year and wonder why the heck they bought that.
3.) Wear comfy clothes. Some booths have pop-up dressing rooms, but for the ones that don’t you’ll have to try it on where you are. Leave the heels at home, you’re on a mission here!

The next Le Garage Sale is in January so be sure to sign up on their email list so you don’t miss out!!!

Loves! XO


Basics + Neon

Basics + Neon

Basics + Neon Basics + Neon Basics + Neon


Happy Monday dolls! I’ve been busy over here recovering from a bug going around and I’m finally starting to feel better after the weekend!

For today’s look I went all about the basics. Firstly, can we talk about how bright these shoes are?! Um, I love them. I walked into Aldo and instantly knew I needed them in my life. They look a little more orange in the pictures but they are definitely bright and perfect for the pop of color I was going for.
To tone down the rest of the look I went with my favorite dainty accessories and a basic grey tee. Lately I’ve been reaching for shirts that I can wear with everything whether it be with a skirt or pants and I scored this one at Le Garage Sale. Le Garage Sale is an AMAZING event here in Austin that only happens twice a year. Tons of different boutiques come together and offer clearance prices. This super soft shirt was originally $72, I scored it for $12 and it came with this cute little necklace too!  I can’t wait to share all of the other goodies I bought with y’all.
These jeans are one of my favorites, in fact, I just bought a pair similar (in black) because of how much I love them. Every time I wear these I can’t help but think of Jimmy Fallons ‘Tight pants’ skit LOL! If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to check it out for a good laugh. Love him!

Here are some other must-have basics I’m loving right now. I just bought this one too!



Now let’s go kick Monday’s butt! Thanks for reading!