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Beauty Favorites

Lately I’ve been having a thing with all my beauty products — in a good way! I love trying new products and finding what works. Sephora is my absolute go-to for beauty because I can always find what I need and everyone there is so sweet to help and give you insight on what would work best for you; Plus they give you legit samples and who doesn’t love that?! A few weeks ago I tried out a new face cleanser and it just did not work for me. My skin had an allergic reaction to it, so after a trip to Sephora to return it – which by the way,  another reason I LOVE Sephora is because they let you return pretty much ANYTHING – I walked out with a few newbies and eager to try everything.

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite beauty products I’ve been loving lately…

Favorite Beauty

Walked into Sephora this weekend and of course, I needed EVERYTHING! Gah, I forget how much I absolutely love that place until I step foot in the door. It’s dangerous. All good though because I did pick up some Christmas presents while I was there so I didn’t feel too guilty restocking on a few of my must-haves.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite face makeup and what caught my eye this weekend…take a look…


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a fresh face.

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the perfect mani.

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smell good, feel good.

Nordstrom Beauty Picks



Last week on Instagram I shared that I would be incorporating a few of my beauty regimes here on the blog. I am so excited and have thought about it for a while now debating on if this is something my readers would enjoy. When I first started blogging I told myself I was going to strictly stick to fashion but lets be real here, there are so many times when we get ready for our day and try on 80 different outfits and just feel so blah because somethings missing. Once we volumize the hair, add a bit of makeup and put that same outfit back on, you suddenly just see it come together. To me, fashion and beauty go hand and hand which is why today I’m sharing a few of my absolute beauty favorites from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.
(from left to right)

With face products I don’t mind spending a little extra because a lot of these products have skin care formulas in them that help nourish your skin while you’re wearing them. About 2 months ago I switched to the YSL Fusion Ink and fell in love. It’s silky and goes on your skin like satin, seriously, it’s amazing…plus you don’t need a primer (yesss!!!) and you don’t need much of it! Living in Texas, I love a good coverage foundation and this one does it without looking caked on. One oldie but goodie is Smashbox Halo Powder…this is all I used to wear without any foundation and it always gave a great natural look. I’ve been wanting to try this for a coverup so if you have, definitely comment below and me know how you feel about it because I totally want to know!  Probably my favorite product out of this entire bunch is this bronzer. Before I ever learned how to contour I used this all over my face and body and it instantly gave me a bronzed look without the crazy overdone shimmer. It’s one of the best investments always lasting me about 6 months and haven’t found another bronzer I love as much since.

If you’re looking for a brow fix, this is the best bang for your buck just be sure to have a light hand when applying if you’ve never used pomade before, there’s nothing worse than a crazy brow. Ah!
As for lips, I’m still on the search for one I can’t live without. For the longest I was obsessed with Obsessive Compulsive’s Lip Tar. A little goes a long way since they are pigmented and the cool thing is you can mix their white with any color to make it a shade lighter (repeat depending on the shade you’re going for).
Hope you enjoyed these beauty picks and comment below with your thoughts on beauty x fashion.