old school-new school

70's5 because 70's 70's11 70's2 70's34 j8 70's10

(Pics via tumblr, theyallhateus, britishvouge, whatawhore)

Can’t stop thinking about a good flare, big sunnies, and lots of fringe. Loving the the boho +  70’s style right now. Some might want to keep it behind them, but let’s be real, history repeats itself. Makes me a little happy my mom kept that safety pin purse I made back in like the 6th grade, might be able to use it again one day. Plan on adding more boho pieces into my closet this spring. 😀 Hope you guys are having a great week, here are a few other boho-chic pieces I’m totally diggin’. xo

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe

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