It’s a love thing…

It's a love thing It's a love thing It's a love thing
It's a love thing It's a love thing

Me and this distressed denim. Was on a hunt for a black pair of distressed and just so happen to run across this pair at the outlets. Mission accomplished. Wish it was always that simple! Basics are my go-to when I’m in a “I have nothing to wear” mood, which is like, everyday. OH! almost forgot…while I was at the outlets (not supposed to be shopping for myself!!!) I accidentally walked into Aldo, and this leopard bag swooned me. Obvi, I needed it my life and for $20 how could I resist?! Coolest feeling ever, it rang up for $11 DOLLARS YALL. Whyyyy I didn’t get the burgundy one is beyond me, but lets not ruin a happy moment here. I mean, my mom thought it was Rebecca Minkoff, girl stop.

By the way, American Eagle has some pretty sweet distressed denim with an affordable price tag, so if you’re on the hunt or looking for a trend to try, check ’em out! They’re also $10 off right now too. Have a great day everyone! xo