Friday Favorites

MAJOR confession you guys! I had an outfit post edited and ready to go today, but as I was linking the details I got a little sidetrack browsing, and found so much stuff I LOVE right now lol! So, on that note — it only makes sense to share :).


For starters, if you catch me here on the blog or follow me on insta you’ll know how much of a shoe lover I am. When I run errands or find myself out and about I reach for these lifesavers . Here are a few you can also add to any collection and you’re out the door…

all under $130.


Last night I walked out of the Rack empty handed —I know right?!…talk about night to remember. One thing I did try on was a few pair of jeans but just wasn’t feelin’ any. This is the style I’ve got my eyes peeled for…

So, honestly what got me started on this entire post was THIS bag. I mean HELLOOOOO! It’s like less than a quarter of Givenchy. NEEDED.

Last but never least, it’s more of my favorite…

all under $140.

I hope you all love as much as I do and next post is all about staying focused LOL! Have an awesome weekend!!!

Thanks for stopping by xx