Candy Crush

Loving this palette with endless ways to mix and match. Color is one of my summer staples and something I think we could all use a little more of in our lifes :). Pair pastels with neutrals to balance the electrifying colors but also have fun with it!

Looking at these colors got the wheels turning so of course, I did what we all would do….turn to Pintrest (where I definitely got sidetracked for about an hour LOL!). How do you guys feel about cotton candy hair??? I found a few favorites and might just have to try it out myself….

cotton candy cara cotton candy hair-NR

cotton candy hair. cotton candy hair


Beach London is supposed to be awesome for those not wanting to fully commit to a new shade just yet. This non-permanent hair color rinses out in about a week and sounds like the perfect solution to get a color fix out of your system. Sugar rush!!! xx