A thing with “FOREVER”


only if you love it only if you love it only if you love it only if you love it
only if you love it only if you love it

Totally fell in love with this angora sweater the moment I felt it. Little back story: I was at Le Garage Sale last August, an event that only happens twice a year in Austin. Different types of designers and boutiques come together for the weekend and offer amazing deals steals. Y’all know I’m all about sales, especially amazing ones. But when I think the words ‘garage sale’ I automatically think ‘things nobody wants anymore‘. Well, this event is the complete opposite. I wanted everything. Seeing as how I was a first timer and wanted to see what else was in store, I put the sweater back and thought if it was meant to be to, it will be. And it was! I went back and it was the last one, exact size.

Couple reasons I splurged…

        1. It’s a classic and something I’ll have forever. If you’ve noticed, I have a thing with forever. Especially timeless pieces like this. You can’t go wrong with black and when that last minute event comes up, I’ll have this to reach for. Invest in pieces you’ll have forever, you’ll find that you appreciate them more.
        2. The quality is amazing. Pay attention to the deets when you shop! Always check the tag to see what it’s made of and the quality of what you’re paying for. If it’s not going to last after one wash, consider other options before you waste your money.
        3. Loved it! One thing I always ask when I’m out shopping or out with my girlfriends is: Do you love it? If you love it, you have to have it! But Only If You Love It. If you don’t love it, chances are you’re going to second guess or have regrets. Love is always the answer.

Found these pants on sale at Zara and loved the texture and zippers at the ankle. Thought this would be the perfect combo to play with textures, and have to say I’m a fan. xo


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