3 ways to make neon POP

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With warmer temps approaching I thought I’d pull out my new neon’s and style them my favorite way.  Neon’s are something I love seeing at but rarely wear. If you’re the type of gal to go all out neon from head to toe, then by all means, go for it, but here are a few pointers I follow whenever I’m wearing brights…

1.) Pair them with neutral colors. This is my absolute favorite way to wear neon’s because it gives emphasis to the bright hues without looking too over-done. When I say neutral I’m not just talking nude. I opt for grey, but you can also go with brown, white or black to highlight that pop you’re looking for.

2.) It’s in the details (ALWAYS!). Look for accessories that accent the color you’re going for like I did here. Grab a lipstick, nail polish, or a necklace to add that eye-catching drama.

3.) Color-block. Let me say that again….Color. Block. Color blocking is nothing new to the fashion world and honestly I cannot get enough of it. Think black and white. The end goal is to match 2 colors that are complementary to one another. A few I love together are Pink-Orange, Pink-Red, Green-Blue, Blue-Pink-White. Be sure you only add one neon in the mix to have that balance.

Hope you guys enjoyed these tips also comment and let me know your favorite way to wear neon’s! xo